Matcha Store

Here is a premium selection of Matcha, Matcha Tea Scoops, Matcha Whisks, and Matcha Bowls.

Artisan Matcha by Hekisui

Premium Organic Matcha 2009

Kyoto Imperial Matcha

Japanese Bamboo Matcha Tea Scoop

Matcha Tea Whisk (carved from Bamboo)

Matcha Bowl Akashino Red

Matcha Bowl Bizen

Matcha Bowl Kuroirabo

Matcha Bowl Pink Shino Plum

Matcha Bowl Yuteki - Rainwater

Matcha Tea Bowl "Aoshino"

Hagiseiji Matcha Bowl "Frost On A Meadow"

White "Crystal" Tea Bowl

Matcha Tea Bowl - Sansui (White background with Brown Underglaze)

Matcha Tea Bowl Tenoku Unofu

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