Steepware Steeping Mug Review

Steepware Steeping MugOne of my favorite tea cups is my Steepware Steeping Mug. I use it pretty much every day to brew loose tea. The reason I love it so much is that in comes in three pieces: mug, lid, and steeping basket.

It is all ceramic and the steeping basket rests inside of the mug perfectly. The lid helps keep the tea warm while it is steeping. Then you just flip it over and it creates a cradle for the steeping basket to sit in. That way you don't get a wet mess on your counter or desk when you pull the steeping basket out.

About the only thing I don't like about it is that the holes in the steeping basket are just the right shape and size for rooibos tea to go through. After the tea is done brewing though, I generally let it sit for a few minutes to cool anyway and the tea leaves that do get through sink to the bottom of the mug.

If you brew loose tea on a regular basis or interested in trying it, then get a Steepware Steeping Mug today.

P.S. I tried the tip from Jessica and it worked like a charm. I added the hot water to the cup first and then added the steeping basket with Rooibos tea into it. Very cool to watch the water swirl into. Anyway there is only a small number of tea leaves in the bottom of my cup. This tip has made a great mug even better!

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  1. Hi! I’m the product development person for The Tea Spot. So glad to hear that you love our Steeping Mugs. A little tip to help prevent the rooibos from slipping through the ceramic holes…. pour your hot water into the mug, then slowly submerged the steeping basket into the mug. This way the water rushes into the basket to steep the rooibos, rather than rushing out of the basket bringing the rooibos with it. Hope that helps! =)

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