Is Rooibos Tea Decaf?

Is Rooibos Tea DecafRecently I was asked is Rooibos Tea decaf? For which the answer is a resounding yes! It contains no caffeine naturally and is a great option for those who can not tolerate it.

I usually start my day out with a green tea with caffeine, but by the time the afternoon rolls around I know that it is time for me to switch to a caffeine free or decaf tea or I will be up all night long. There are many reasons for staying away from caffeine and that is mine. Plus my daughter loves it and while she does drink tea with caffeine from time to time, caffeine free is mostly what she drinks.

I am a huge fan of Rooibos blends, especially those with fruit. I really enjoy the ones from Teavana and the American Tea Room. From Teavana I recommend their Tropica Rooibos Tea and Chai Rooibos Tea. From the American Tea Room I recommend their Martinique Green Rooibos Tropical Blend (it is now organic!) and Saint Tropez Green Rooibos Berry.

Receive free shipping on any order over $50 from Teavana and any order over $60 from American Tea Room. Enjoy the decaf Rooibos.

2 thoughts on “Is Rooibos Tea Decaf?”

  1. I think to say Rooibos is “decaf” might not be giving enough credit…it’s naturally caffeine-free. Decaf teas have had the caffeine extracted by a decaffeination process, which unfortunately also extracts a lot of the flavor. Naturally caffeine-free herbal teas like rooibos are, in my opinion, much more enjoyable than decaffeinated tea…which is why I refrain from using the label “decaf” because I don’t want to give people the wrong idea, especially for those who are not a fan of decaf teas.

    Also, another question if you are a Rooibos fan…have you tried green rooibos? It’s harder to find but in my opinion, it’s certainly worth trying. While I still like the red stuff from time to time, I’m absolutely hooked on the green.

    1. I love green rooibos! I thought rooibos was okay until I tried the green variety. In fact the two that I recommend from the American Tea Room are both green rooibos and the Peach Bloom from Teavana is a blend of red and green.

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