Best Tea When You are Sick

I was terribly sick last week, so much so that I missed my weekly Yoga class. Not much stops me from going to that, let me tell you. It was one of those head colds that gave me a massive headache over the course of days along with a cough. Of course I drank a ton of tea to feel better. So that leads me to the best tea when you are sick.

Personally I'm a big believer in vitamin C to help kick your immune system in gear and honey to soothe your throat. For this I turn to a Hibiscus tea with honey combo. Specifically Chartreuse Tea's Hibiscus Quench.

Chartreuse Hibiscus Quench TeaIt is high in vitamin C and contains spearmint leaves as well, which are great for helping to calm your stomach and open your sinuses. And there is nothing quite like holding a warm cup of tea in between your hands when you are not feeling well.

I'm not even sure how many cups of this tea that I drank last week, but it definitely helped make a miserable week better.

What is your favorite tea when you are sick? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. The teas I prefer when sick really vary depending on what symptoms I have. Usually I just drink more herb tea in general, and I often end up drinking a lot of lemon balm and spearmint, fresh from the garden…more than I drink commercially-marketed herbal blends.

    If I have an upset stomach, I drink ginger tea, and I make it very strong.

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