American Tea Room Tea Giveaway Winner

I just want to take the time and thank everyone who commented, tweeted and 'liked' us on Facebook for the American Tea Room Giveaway.  I really enjoyed running this and hope that the winner enjoys the yummy loose tea that is about to come their way! I also hope to make giveaways a more regular feature here.

So without further ado, I want to announce the winner. I took everyone who entered and put them into a spreadsheet. Each comment, tweet, and like got you one entry and that corresponds to the line number of the spreadsheet.

1 Nancy comment

2 Nancy tweet

3 Jessica Roberts comment

4 Jessica Roberts tweet

5 Kari comment

6 Betsy comment

7 Melissa comment

8 Glenn comment

9 Glenn tweet

10 DebP comment

11 Viva comment

12 Christie comment

13 Joa comment

14 Lori B comment

15 Julia comment

16 Latoshia comment

17 Jonell comment

18 Adam Hansen comment

19 Kendyl comment

20 Jenna Wood comment

21 Jenna Wood facebook

22 Jess comment

23 Angie comment

24 Adrienne comment

25 Jennifer B comment

26 Jennifer B facebook

27 Jennifer B tweet

28 Alison comment

29 Carolsue comment

30 Carolsue tweet

31 Carolsue facebook

32 Kerrie G comment

33 Kerrie G tweet

34 Kerrie G facebook

35 Kimmie comment

I then plugged in numbers 1 through 35 at and it gave me number: 19. That makes Kendyl our winner. Congrats! I will be contacting you shortly to see where to send your tea.

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