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2013 Tea Lovers Gift Guide

2013 Tea Lovers Gift GuideTea is definitely a year round beverage, but there is just something about winter and the holidays that calls for more tea. Which makes it perfect for all of the tea lovers on your shopping list! I have put together my top picks and created the 2013 Tea Lovers Gift Guide to make your shopping easy.

  1. Teavana Tea Gift Set- This tea gift set has just about everything that the special person on your list will need  for making a great cup of tea. It comes in a lovely gift box containing four loose leaf teas (Sakura Allure Green Tea, Strawberry Lemonade herbal tea, Matevana, and Rooibos Chai Tea) in reusable tea tins, a tin of German rock sugar, a PerfecTea teaspoon, and a PerfecTea maker. Just add hot water! This gift makes over 60 cups of tea.
  2. Chocolate Trio Gift Box Set - Tea and chocolate are such a great pairing that this gift set is able to offer two chocolate infused teas! An added bonus is this is one of my favorite places to get loose leaf tea and it is hard to go wrong with anything there.
    Chocolate Trio Gift Box Set
  3. Every loose leaf tea drinker can use an infuser mug. It is a daily used staple in my house. I love this Turquoise Curve Tea Mug with infuser. It has an included stainless steel infuser with fine mesh for those really small tea leaves. Plus the lid flips over for the infuser to rest in when your tea is done steeping. Very handy to get those second and third infusions from your tea!
    Curve Tall Tea Mug With Infuser - 15 oz
  4. Steeping a great cup of tea involves two things. High quality tea and bringing water to the perfect temperature. This Breville Variable Temperature Tea Kettle is perfect. Add water and push a button for either green tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, or coffee (perfect for your french press!) and it does the rest. It will even keep the water at the right temperature for 20 minutes.
    Breville Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
  5. A Tea Set. This Noble Poppy Bone China tea set is absolutely stunning to me and would brighten up any kitchen. It comes with the teapot, four cups and four saucers - great for inviting over some friends for tea.

Tell me what is on your tea wish list this year. I would love to know!

Tea Gift Baskets

Tea Gift BasketsIt is December 1st! Do you have all your Holiday shopping done? I do not, so decided to do some exploring to see what kind of tea gift baskets that are available. I have several people on my list that either love tea or have expressed an interest in learning more about all the great loose tea selections available.

To help make your shopping easier, here are some of the great tea gift baskets that I have found:

  • American Tea Room's Bento Box Origin Collection. This hefty tea gift has eight teas packaged in a beautiful black lacquer bento box. It includes Organic Silver Needles, Honyama Sencha, Long Jing, Bao Zhong Royale, Qimen imperial, Ceylon, Maharajah and Pu Er imperial.
  • Teavana Tea Gift SetTeavana Tea Gift Set. This includes four of their most popular teas along with a perfect tea scoop ( I have one and love it!), a PerfecTea maker. The teas include My Morning Mate, Strawberry Lemonade, Fruta Bomba Green Tea, and Rooibos Chai. It is everything they will need to make a perfect cup of tea.
  • Dammann Freres Coffret 1925. This collection of four teas with an infuser is in a stylish metal box. It contains Goute Russe, Jardin Bleu, Paul and Virginie, and Melange Mysterieux. These tea blends were made in France.

  • One last one from American Tea Room. Their Signature Black Gift Set (also available in white) contains three of my favorite teas from them along with a beautiful tea pot and two tea cups. It also has some rock candy swizzlers and a tea prep guide. It is wrapped in white linen gift wrap and tied with a bow.

Edible Teacup Party Favor

Edible Teacup Party FavorI love parties and tea parties are very high on that list. I am always on the lookout for fun party favors or craft projects that can be done at a party. This adorable edible teacup party favor fits the bill.

My friend Heather from Dollar Store Crafts was kind enough to share this with me and I knew that I needed to share it with you. Posted on Ada & Darcy this yummy treat is super easy to make. You will need:

1. Biscuits
2. Marshmallow
3. Half a mint lifesaver
4. Freckle chocolate
5. Icing mixture to glue it all together.

The blog is written by an Australian so biscuit equals cookie and freckle chocolate equals nonpareils.

Make these up ahead of time and place one at each place setting, decorate your buffet with them, or wrap them in a cellophane bag as a party favor. I can also imagine these would be a lot of fun to put together at a child's birthday party with a tea theme.  Enjoy making (and then eating) these edible teacup party favors.

Check out our other Tea Party Favors and these adorable tea party supplies:

A Use For Your Old Tea Bags

Tea WreathI came across this great craft project from my friend Heather on her Dollar Store Crafts site. It is a Tea Wreath and was designed by the creative gals over at Kojo Designs. If your tea collection is anything like mine, you probably have a bunch of tea bags that you just don't know what to do with.

Now you can display them with style with this very pretty tea wreath project. It takes two pieces of cardboard, some wrapping or scrapbook paper, some clothes pins, a ribbon to hang it with, and a hot glue gun.

I love how pretty it looks and that it gives a use for all those tea bags laying loose in my tea cabinet. Check out all the instruction for making the tea wreath over at Kojo Designs.

Mother’s Day Tea Gifts

Mother's Day Tea GiftsMother's Day is about 2 weeks away. Is your shopping done yet? No? How about a Mother's Day Tea Gift then? Here a few gifts that your Mother will absolutely love to receive.

  • Signature White Gift Set - This beautiful tea set comes with a tea pot, two tea cups, three types of American Tea Room teas (including some of my favorites), and three rock candy sugar swizzlers. It comes wrapped in white linen and a navy satin ribbon. The teas include Martinique, Brioche, and Immortal Green.
  • Tea Pot - I really think you can never have too many tea pots, especially when getting a style or design that you do not have already. Does Mom have a Cast Iron tea pot yet? These are long lasting, traditional Japanese tea pots that are known for their durability and heat retention.
  • Flowering Tea - Instead of flowers, get your Mom these blooms instead. These hand tied teas unfurl to reveal a beautiful tea blossom. You definitely want to steep these in clear glass so that you can watch it happen. Plus it comes in a delightfully wrapped gift box.

Whatever Mother's Day Tea Gift you decide on, she is sure to love the thought and care you placed into picking it out. You can not go wrong with any of the the items above or any of the fine teas available from the American Tea Room.

Holiday Tea Gifts

The Holidays are coming and this is a great time to gift some of the tea lovers in your life with a wonderful gift of tea.  Maybe they are just starting out on their tea journey or perhaps they already have a tea cabinet stocked full of great tea.  I am sure that you will find some great choices below, along with the perfect price tag.

Have fun shopping and let us know what you pick out in the comments below. What are you getting for the tea drinkers in your life?  We hope that these Holiday tea gift selections will help you finish your shopping quickly and easily.