Free Shipping at American Tea Room – Today Only!

This is such a great deal and I am really excited to share it with you. American Tea Room is offering free shipping today (February 5) only on any tea order. As I am staring out my window, watching even more snow fall, I am so very thankful for the hot cuppa of tea that I have next to me.

Here are a few of my suggestions for buying with this deal today:

My favorite is Immortal Green, a blend of green sencha tea with peaches, marigolds, and passion fruit. It smells and tastes heavenly from the moment you open the package. It is one of their top sellers, you just can't go wrong with this tea.

Named for the region outside Taipei that is is grown in, Dong-Ding Oolong Tea is best described as buttery smoothness. The leaves are shiny and tightly rolled giving off a floral and fresh aroma. Watching the tea leaves infuse in your cup, you can see them unfurl into three-leaf sets. The first infusion gives you a tea that is intensely yellow with a hint of green. It is described as tasting of fresh cream, orchids, gardenias, and a hint of vanilla sweetness with a light astringency.

For the evening I enjoy a good herbal tea and I had the chance of trying Shangri*LA recently. It is a hibiscus blend tea with roses, currants, and forest berries. It gives you a deep scarlet red tea in your cup and is absolutely delicious. Definitely transports me out of the winter wonderland we have going on here.

Hope these suggestions have you ready to do some shopping of your own. Remember you can get free shipping today with any order today. Perfect for stocking up or trying something new. Visit American Tea Room and get Free Shipping on every order, with code SHOWLOVE.